I’m Worried, My Student Hasn’t Returned My Calls

Concerned mother checking her phone

It is important to remember that this is a challenging and exciting time for your student. They’re juggling competing priorities—classes, friends and extra-curricular activities, not to mention the typical challenges of early adulthood—and can become distracted.

However, if you’re feeling worried or concerned because your student hasn’t returned your calls, here’s what you can do and how UBC Student Housing can help.

Urgent health or safety concerns

If you are concerned that your student is at risk and that an urgent health and safety check is warranted, our residence front desk staff will ask you to contact our local police detachment (RCMP) at 604.224.1322. The police will attend and we will assist their efforts to locate and ensure the safety of your student.

If your student hasn’t returned your calls

If your concern is less urgent, but repeated efforts to contact your student have failed, and you are growing concerned about their wellbeing, you can contact your student’s residence front desk. Our staff will send a note to your student to inform them that you have phoned about their wellbeing and that you have requested they contact you. Additionally, a peer Residence Advisor will attempt to locate your student by the next day to ensure they are safe. If your student does not respond to our outreach efforts within a day, we will ask the RCMP to do a health and safety check. We will provide the RCMP with your student’s emergency contact information, which your student was asked to provide when they accepted their residence offer.

Find contact information for your student’s residence front desk.

Please note that UBC is required to respect your student’s privacy. Therefore, we are not able to phone you with an update.

Difficult transitions to life at UBC

On the other hand, if you are in touch with your student, but you are concerned that they are experiencing difficulty transitioning to UBC, you can contact your student’s Residence Life Manager (RLM). While RLMs are not able, without your student’s permission, to share specific information about your student with you, the RLM will listen and take your concerns seriously—and they will talk with you about our typical assistance in the circumstances you are describing. Additionally, our staff will reach out to your student, talk with them about how they’re doing and offer to help them access relevant campus services, supports and resources.

Find contact information for your student’s Residence Life Manager.

Your student’s privacy

We take parent, family, and friend concerns seriously, and we will follow up with your student. But please keep in mind that UBC is required to respect your student’s privacy. Without your student’s permission, we are not able to share information with you or phone you with an update about your student—even in the above situations.