Essential Application Facts

All Applicants

  • $50 non-refundable application fee required. Fee covers multiple applications submitted within a 14-day period.
  • All residence offers are sent by email and include an expiry date to respond and pay a deposit.
  • Separate residence applications required for UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee an offer will be made.
  • Prospective undergraduates can submit a residence application after applying to UBC.

Year Round Residence—May to April

Brock Commons | ExchangeFraser HallIona House | Marine Drive | Ponderosa Commons (Arbutus, Maple, Spruce, Oak Houses) | Thunderbird

  • For returning/mature students and graduate students.
  • Applications accepted any time.
  • Students prepared to begin occupancy at the start of May are best positioned to receive an offer.
  • Applications to sublet accepted during the summer months.

Winter Session Residence—September to April

Fairview Crescent | Orchard Commons | Place Vanier | Ponderosa Commons (Cedar House) | Ritsumeikan-UBC House | Totem Park | Walter Gage

Year Round Graduate Colleges—September to August

Green College | St. John’s College

  • College membership required.

Year Round Student Family Residence—ongoing

Acadia Park

  • Applications accepted any time and can be submitted before applying to and being accepted by UBC. We recommend applying early. (Offers are based on application date and availability at the desired occupancy date.)
  • Additional documents will be required—birth certificates, passports, visas, etc.
  • Eligibility factors determine how applicants are chosen from the waitlist.
  • Maximum tenancy terms are for four years. While residents can apply for a second term, renewals are assessed in the same pool as new applications.

Summer Residence—May to August

Fairview Crescent | Ponderosa Commons (Cedar House)

  • For UBC students and Stay Through students studying or staying on-campus until August and eligible visiting research students.

Early Arrival

Early arrivals are not typically permitted. Eligible students must apply by the required deadline.

  • There is an early arrival fee.
  • May be required to move to different accommodation on short notice (less than 24 hours).