COVID-19 Residence Rules

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Last updated: May 21, 2024

Throughout COVID-19, Student Housing and Community Services has implemented plans to provide the best possible accommodation for our residents, in-line with university policies and governmental mandates, guidelines and recommendations.

As always, health and safety remain a top priority in our student residence communities.

COVID-19 Residence Rules

UBC students, including those living in student residences managed and operated by UBC Student Housing and Community Services (SHCS), are required to follow any campus-wide rules, along with any specific rules for residents and guests of SHCS, put in place to address COVID-19 or other communicable diseases.

At present, there are no additional COVID-19 rules in place for students living in residence. However, residence services, amenities and rules may change in response to developing circumstances.

Additional information

Travelling to Canada

To find key information about travelling to Canada and potential impacts related to COVID-19, visit:

BC’s response to COVID-19

For information about the BC provincial government’s response to COVID-19, including vaccinations, treatments and testing kits, visit:

COVID-19 Self-assessment tool

To self-assess for COVID-19, please use the BC government’s online COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

How to get a free rapid testing kit

In BC, free rapid antigen testing kits are available to everyone at pharmacies across the province. Learn more.

When to self-isolate while living in residence

Although self-isolation is no longer required, if you have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19, the BC Centre for Disease Control recommends that you stay home as much as possible to reduce the potential spread of illness. Learn more about how to self-isolate.

While choosing to self-isolate, you may access shared common areas when necessary—including shared washrooms and kitchens, along with building entrances to retrieve food deliveries—but we encourage you take the following safety measures:

Minimize prolonged face-to-face interactions.
Wear a face covering while in close physical proximity to others.
Avoid close physical contact with others.
Avoid hosting guests in your unit.
Practice regular hand washing.
Access shared spaces during quieter times, when possible.


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