Meet the Team

Living on campus means there is always a support system here to help when you need it. From our Front Desk to Residence Life staff you are never alone! Read below to get an idea of some of the people you can approach with questions, concerns or a request for support. They are also well connected to the university at large to help make referrals and tell you about important resources across campus.

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk staff look after each residence front desk. They handle administrative functions, call for emergency assistance when needed, answer the front desk phone and sort the mail. They also dispatch on-call Residence Life staff to address student concerns.

Of course, the desk is the place to go for check in/check out, if you are locked out, need to sign out equipment or you simply have a question about your specific residence area.

Residence front desks are open daily from 7 am to 11 pm, with reduced services and access starting at 10:30 pm (i.e., mail/parcel pickup ends at 10:30 pm).

Overnight Mobile Team

Operating from 11 pm to 7 am, seven days a week, the Overnight Mobile Team assists students with certain urgent, but non-emergency, situations overnight. For example, if you get locked out of your building or room, have an urgent facilities issue with your unit or need immediate support for your wellbeing, they’re the team to call. You’ll find their contact information on posters on your floor.

Residence Advisors

Each student living in residence is assigned a Residence Advisor (RA). They are upper-year students who have extensive training in building community through various activities and events, promoting safety and security, making referrals to the many resources available to you and helping to keep the peace by supporting residence standards.

There is also a Duty RA each and every night to respond to important community needs. Be sure to get the RA on Duty phone number in your first community meeting and on posters and digital signage throughout residence.

Residence Life Managers

Each student living in residence is also assigned a Residence Life Manager (RLM). RLMs are full-time professional staff with extensive experience and training, along with a solid knowledge of campus resources. They promote and support an atmosphere of academic achievement and community engagement within residence, while supervising RAs and the overall residence area. Connect with them if you have any major concern within residence or are looking for ways to get involved.

They also address student behaviour and community impact through the residence standards conduct process. The RLM office is located in your residence area’s commonsblock. Residence Life Managers love to hear about how your university experience is going, so feel free to drop by during their office hours!

When things don't go as expected

Visit Solving Problems to find out who to contact, and how to contact them, if you encounter an issue or a problem that you need support resolving.

Facilities and Building Services Staff

While each resident has a responsibility to keep their unit clean and do their part in promoting cleanliness throughout their residence, Facilities and Building Services staff work tirelessly during the day and evening to maintain a clean and safe living environment. With the support of the area Building Services Manager, they are also responsible for repair and maintenance work. Don’t hesitate to say hi and introduce yourself when you see them around your residence area—they literally keep things running! Also, if you experience a facilities issue, please submit a maintenance request through the Online Service Centre.

Extra Support


The Professor in Residence program offers you the opportunity to connect with a professor outside of the classroom. A professor is assigned to each first year residence community—and the professors are excited to engage with and get to know students outside of a classroom setting. The Prof-in-Residence offers weekly drop-in hours, maintains a presence in the community and hosts student chat sessions and programs on a wide range of topics related to wellbeing and academic success.

Counsellor in Residence

Many students experience challenges, whether in their academic or personal lives. If you are feeling persistently anxious or sad, feeling increasingly overwhelmed or stressed, or experiencing other mental health challenges, you can make an appointment to see our Counsellor in Residence.

During your session, they will listen to your needs and help you meet your immediate personal goals. Many students find that a single counselling session helps them improve their wellbeing. If longer-term counselling is needed, they will help connect you with other resources.