More Campus Housing

Demand to live in residence at UBC greatly exceeds the number of vacancies. Many students will need to apply for alternate accommodation. These housing options are located on campus, but not operated by UBC Student Housing.

Property Details
Panhellenic House Furnished quad-style apartments with private bedrooms and shared living spaces for female students. Lease durations vary.
Carey Centre Furnished long and short term student accommodations with a private bathroom and meal plan.
St. Andrew’s Hall 93 suites including studios, one bedrooms, four bedrooms, and townhouses. Students only.
Westpoint Luxury rental apartments located in the heart of UBC.
MBA House Graduate student housing for singles and couples.
Granite Terrace Rental apartments.
Greenwood Commons Rental townhouse-style apartments.
University MarketPlace Rental apartments.
Axis 15-storey rental high-rise. Available to students, faculty, campus staff and employees of businesses located on campus.
leləm̓ Contemporary rental homes connected to nature and community in Pacific Spirit Park.
Vista Point Rental suites.
Mews Pet-friendly rental suites.
Village Square Pet-friendly rental apartments.
Central Pet-friendly rental apartments for people who work or study at UBC.
Focal Pet-friendly rental apartments for people who work or study at UBC.
Georgia Point 14-storey pet-friendly residence for people who work or study at UBC.

Fraternity Houses