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We’re glad you’re here to explore the benefits of residence living at UBC.

Residence is much more than just a place for your student to sleep and study. It’s about making connections. Year after year, students and alumni tell us that living on campus helped them become better learners and feel like part of an inclusive community.

Science is also on our side. Research shows that students who live in residence tend to be more successful in their academic studies, have increased self-confidence, and develop stronger life skills compared to students who commute.

We’re committed to providing services & amenities that create a healthy, safe and vibrant living environment in support of academic achievement and personal growth.


“For parents living thousands of miles away across three continents, it can get worrisome leaving a child at a university so far away. However, my fears were allayed and my confidence boosted when I met and came to know Jessica (the Residence Advisor). She was wonderful and showed true concern.”

“We went to the parent information session and found it was helpful and re-assuring. Excellent tips.”

“We were extremely impressed by how organized and efficient Move In Weekend was. Student volunteers were friendly and helpful.”

“Our daughter was greeted with colourful posters, a welcome note, and many interactive sessions, which provided a huge sense of security. We are grateful and thankful.”


Moving into residence is an exciting and new adventure not just for students, but their families as well. We have an extensive collection of online articles and the annual Residence Parent Guide to assist with the initial transition period and continued university journey.

Download your copy of the Residence Parent Guide

Important Contact Information

If you are concerned about your student’s health or safety, if your student hasn’t returned your calls, or if your student is having a difficult time transitioning to life at UBC, learn more about what you can do and how we can help.