Residence Parking

At UBC, parking for both campus and residence parking spaces is operated by UBC Parking.

Most parking lots and parkades are open to students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. However, some residence areas have a limited number of parking spaces available just for residents.

How do I apply for a residence parking space?

To apply for a campus parking space you must join a waitlist for a residence parking space. As space is limited you may not be successful in securing parking at your preferred location.

Through your Parking account you can join up to four waitlists and prioritize your choices, add or update vehicle information, and make payments.

Do you live in Acadia Park? There is a different process to apply for parking at your residence area. Learn more at Acadia Park Resources.

Quick facts

Top things to know about residence parking spaces.

  • You can join up to four waitlists at one time.
  • Find a campus or residence parking lot near your residence on the UBC Residence Parking map.
  • Offers to purchase a parking permit will be sent every Tuesday and Thursday; for students moving in for September, your first offer will be in the last week of August.
  • Parking permits are valid for one month and are renewed for the next month pending payment. An email reminder will prompt your next month’s parking payment. Late parking renewal will result in parking tickets and loss of your parking assignment.
  • Should a permit expire and you still need parking, you will need to join a waitlist again.
  • Resident parking permits are for residents only; use with a non-resident student’s vehicle will result in cancellation of the permit.
  • For 2023/24, residence parking permits are $90/month (tax exempt)


If I already have a residence parking permit, do I need to re-apply?

Residents with ongoing permits: Students with Year Round Housing contracts who already hold a permit for a residence parking space do not need to add their name to a waitlist each year. They are automatically offered a permit renewal.

Residents with winter permits: Winter Session 2022/23 parking permits expired at the end of April; to apply for a residence parking permit for the following session, students need to join a new waitlist. Beginning May 2023, winter permits (Sep-Apr) will no longer be offered and all students will be purchasing monthly renewable permits. Cancelling a permit at the end of April, or any other time, is as simple as not completing a monthly payment.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Please contact UBC Parking for any questions related to campus or residence parking spaces.