Moving In

Young woman moving in to UBC residence

Planning for the big day

Moving into residence takes preparation. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth move in experience for you and your new peers.


Can I switch or transfer rooms?

You may be eligible to switch or transfer rooms. Find out how to request a room switch or transfer before or after moving in.

Can I move in before my move in day?

We are (generally) not able to permit move ins prior to your move in day (i.e., Jump Start Move In Day or Labour Day Move In Day, as applicable). If you are planning to arrive in Vancouver early, be sure to plan where you’ll be staying prior to your move in day. Staying with friends and family or in a short-term accommodation are good options.

Am I allowed to arrive outside of my designated move-in time on Move In Day, or on another day altogether?

If you need to move in later than your designated move in time or date, no problem! Check in at the front desk of your residence area anytime between 7 am and 10:30 pm.

I need to move in after Move In Day. Can I get temporary parking to unload?

If you are using a vehicle in your move and need it to be on site at your residence for a short time while you unload, you must email UBC Parking ( in advance of your move so that your vehicle does not get ticketed or towed.

Can someone else move my belongings in?

If you have been assigned a unit in residence, but can’t be there to move in your belongings, follow the instructions below to designate another person to move your belongings in for you.

How to request approval

  • Print and complete (or electronically complete) the Designated Move-in/Move-out Form.
  • Submit this form in-person (to your residence front desk) or by email (addresses included on the form).
  • Include 1 copy of your government issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s licence or passport).
  • Deadline to submit: 2 business days before the move/access date.

Approval: Front Desk Supervisors or Residence Life Managers can provide approvals. Requests made via email will be confirmed via email.


Designated Move In Date Information

When can your move occur?

  • Weekdays: 10 am–8 pm
  • Weekends/holidays: 10 am–6 pm (except for Thunderbird, which is weekdays only)

Moves must occur on a single date. Multi-day moves are not permitted.

What does your designated person need to bring?

Government-issued Photo ID, which matches the information provided above. Staff will hold their ID at the front desk while the move is in-progress.

Will your designated person be given room keys?

No. Staff will escort your designated person to the unit and they will not be given keys.

What happens when the move is finished?

Your designated person must return to the front desk to pick up their photo ID and let staff know the move is complete, so that they can secure the room.


Please contact your residence front desk.

Can I ship packages to residence ahead of Move In Day?

Please don’t ship anything to residence ahead of your move in.

How can I do laundry?

Laundry facilities are located in each residence and operate on a card system—no coins needed. Laundry card machines are located in each commonsblock. Use the machine to receive a laundry card and add money to your card. Then, head back to your residence and use the laundry facilities until it’s time to re-load money on your card.

What food options will be available on Move In Day?

You’ll probably be hungry after a long day of moving. First year residents on the All Access Dining Plan will have their first dining hall meal in the evening. Check out what’s open on campus for locations and hours of our additional 30+ food options.

Do I need a car to get around campus?

There are lots of great options for getting to, from and around campus that don’t include a vehicle—like walking, cycling, carshare and public transit. There’s even a bike share program and a community shuttle that can pick you up from right outside your residence. While having a car sounds like a good idea, there are increasingly limited parking spaces on campus and they come with a fee—take advantage of your U-Pass instead!