Moving In


Moving into residence takes preparation. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth move in experience for you and your new peers.

  1. Complete your checklist—things to do before you leave home.
  2. Packing for the big day—what to bring and what not to bring to residence.
  3. Plan ahead— what to expect on move in day.

Important information about room switches & transfers before and after moving in.

Can someone else move my belongings in?

If you have been assigned a unit in residence, but can’t be there to move in your belongings, follow the instructions below to designate another person to move your belongings in for you.

  1. Print and complete a Designated Move In form. You will need to provide the name of the person moving in your belongings and the date they will be arriving.
  2. Sign the form and submit it, along with a legible copy of your driver’s license or passport, to the residence desk that you are moving to. You can send it as an email attachment or give your designated move-in person a hard copy to bring with them. Without this form, we cannot provide access to anyone to move in your belongings.
  3. When your designate arrives, they will need to provide their driver’s licence or passport which will remain at the desk until the move is complete. Once their information has been verified against your form, a staff member will escort them to your unit and open the door.
  4. Once the move is complete, your designate will return to the desk to retrieve their ID and staff will go to the unit to confirm that it is secure.