Moving In

Young woman moving in to UBC residence

If you are arriving from outside of Canada, whether returning to campus or moving in for the first time, make sure you understand the quarantine/self-isolation requirements that apply to you. Learn more about travelling to Canada/UBC.

A reminder that if the Canadian Government requires you to quarantine (self-isolate) for 14 days and to self-monitor for symptoms, you cannot self-isolate in a shared unit in Upper Year residence or in a single, connected single or shared room in First Year residence and must make a separate arrangement for this period. The university is offering a variety of self-isolation accommodation packages to any members of the UBC community who need to self-isolate after arriving in Canada.

Planning for the big day

Moving into residence takes preparation. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth move in experience for you and your new peers.


Can I switch or transfer rooms?

You may be eligible to switch or transfer rooms. Find out how to request a room switch or transfer before or after moving in.

Can someone else move my belongings in?

If you have been assigned a unit in residence, but can’t be there to move in your belongings, follow the instructions below to designate another person to move your belongings in for you.

How to request approval

  • Print and complete (or electronically complete) the Designated Move-in/Move-out Form.
  • Submit this form in-person (to your residence front desk) or by email (addresses included on the form).
  • Include 1 copy of your government issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s licence or passport).
  • Deadline to submit: 2 business days before the move/access date.

Approval: Front Desk Supervisors or Residence Life Managers can provide approvals. Requests made via email will be confirmed via email.


Moving Day Information

When can your move occur?

  • Weekdays: 10 am–8 pm
  • Weekends/holidays: 10 am–6 pm (except for Thunderbird, which is weekdays only)

Moves must occur on a single date. Multi-day moves are not permitted.

What does your designated person need to bring?

Government-issued Photo ID, which matches the information provided above. Staff will hold their ID at the front desk while the move is in-progress.

Will your designated person be given room keys?

No. Staff will escort your designated person to the unit and they will not be given keys.

What happens when the move is finished?

Your designated person must return to the front desk to pick up their photo ID and let staff know the move is complete, so that they can secure the room.


Please contact your residence front desk.