Work in Residence Life

We’re looking for passionate, dedicated, caring UBC students of all ages to join our vibrant team in 2024/25.

Working in Residence Life is a valuable way to build important leadership skills, help other students succeed socially and academically, and earn income during the school year.

Residence Life staff inspire communities, plan events, lend an ear when needed, and—most importantly—help create lifelong memories for residents and themselves.

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Types of jobs

For 2024/25 we are hiring Residence Advisors, Senior Residence Advisors and Programme Resource Centre Advisors. Learn more about each position below.

Residence Advisor (RA)

Experience living in UBC residence strongly preferred.

Application Deadline: January 21, 2024

Senior Residence Advisor (SRA)

Residence work experience required. Experience living in UBC residence strongly preferred.

Application Deadline: January 21, 2024

Programme Resource Centre Advisor (PRCA)

Residence work experience required. Experience living in UBC residence strongly preferred.

Application Deadline: January 21, 2024


Recruitment calendar


December 8
January 21

Last day to apply! (Application is open until 11:59 pm).


Early to ⁠mid-February

Senior Residence Advisors and Programme Resource Centre (PRC) Advisors.

Late-February to early-March

New Residence Advisors.

Job offers and training

By May 31

Hiring decisions made and candidates notified.

Late-August 2024

Mandatory two-week job training.

New Applicants
For your application to be considered, you must complete a mandatory Residence Advisor Recruitment Information Course online via Canvas. More detail in the FAQs below!


If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below and complete the Residence Advisor Recruitment Information Course.

Student Stories

Alexis Beall

Residence Life has allowed me to connect with a variety of wonderful people, nurture natural talents and challenge myself personally and professionally.

Hello hello! My name is Alexis Beall, and I am a Residence Advisor at Marine Drive.

I am a fifth-year student studying International Relations and Commerce and have always been so excited to be a part of Residence Life and the UBC community. I am a big advocate for fitness and mental wellness, so you will often catch me going for runs, heading to the gym or longboarding around campus, as well as enjoying Vancouver’s many beaches and vibrant social scene.

Although I was born here in Vancouver, I grew up in the United States and experienced a remarkably different culture and environment in my American schools. This experience allowed me to bring a unique perspective to my studies and role as an RA.

My time as an RA has been marked by getting to know each and every one of my residents and learning about all the amazing, dynamic moments they have experienced both at UBC and in places beyond. It has been such a pleasure to be part of nurturing a wholesome and diverse community. I am extremely grateful to have discovered ways to excel and push myself to overcome obstacles and challenges. These are skills that I feel confident in utilizing when it comes to current and future endeavours, and the memories I’ve made will always be with me.

Alexis Beall
Residence Advisor, Marine Drive
Fifth year undergraduate, BA, International Relations and Commerce


Jasmine Lee

Working in Residence Life is an amazing way to both cultivate and be part of a welcoming and supportive community.

Hi! My name is Jasmine, and I am a Residence Advisor at Fraser Hall.

During my time as a resident, my own RA was a great resource and support for myself and my roommates, so I’m grateful to provide that experience for others—plus, I have been able to meet people from all around the world!

The skills and experiences I have learned and continue to learn in my RA role—such as conflict resolution and community building—have impacted many aspects of my life and benefitted my personal growth and development. Juggling my work as an RA alongside school and other commitments has helped me develop time management skills in a space where I receive support and encouragement from other Residence Advisors and Residence Life Managers.

One part of the RA job that I love is planning programs for residents that provide opportunities for them to try new experiences, meet new people and decompress after a long day at school! I also love getting to know people and hearing their unique stories.

Jasmine Lee (she, her, hers)
Residence Advisor, Fraser Hall
Fourth year undergraduate, BKin, Neuromechanical and Physiological Sciences and Minor in Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education


Yellow, pink, and blue graphic with a photo of Viplav with the text "Meet Viplav"

Viplav Subramanian

Working in Residence Life allowed me to be part of a wonderful and diverse community and facilitate spaces for growth, betterment and welfare of residents.

Hi, my name is Viplav Bhaskar, and I am a Senior Residence Advisor at Totem Park.

As an international student at UBC and leaving behind my sense of home and belonging in India, I came to UBC in 2019 with a lot of uncertainties on what my journey through undergrad would look like. The first few affirming, caring interactions I had were with my RA, who helped me in numerous ways to acclimatize and accommodate to the lifestyle here! From going downtown to bubble-tea shops to learning how to use a vacuum, my RA taught me many things. This motivated me to give back and do the same for others. I started working as an executive member for OCRA (Orchard Commons Residence Association) after which I applied to be an RA and then a Senior RA. Now in my Masters’ Degree, I have lived in residence for 5 years, and have had wonderful moments of companionship, community, social welfare, growth and learning.

From eating meals with residents and other RAs in the dining halls, to facilitating events such as Escape Rooms and Trivia Nights, I have had several opportunities to grow as an individual. Gathering wisdom, knowledge and experience, I have learnt skills of conflict resolution, socializing, understanding boundaries, facilitating community agreements and implementing inclusivity within diversity through various residents, fellow RAs, my Senior RAs and my Residence Life Managers (RLMs).

I value humanity, social justice, kin, community and welfare, and have witnessed the presence of upholding and celebrating these through small and big moments of interactions with many during my time in Residence Life.

Viplav Subramanian (he, him)
Senior Residence Advisor, Totem Park
First Year, Masters at the Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Institute (GRSJ)


Yellow, pink, and blue graphic with a photo of Carson Wong with the text "Meet Carson"

Carson Wong

As an RA, every interaction, program and challenge is an opportunity to make a positive impact.

I initially applied to be an RA without giving it much thought and entered the role with few expectations about what lay ahead. Unbeknownst to me, this decision would prove to be the best one I have made during my university career.

As an RA, I have been part of a deeply empowering community where Residence Life Managers provide mentorship and compassion, and fellow RAs cultivate a supportive environment that champions learning. This role has honed my leadership, problem-solving, and compassion skills, emphasizing the significance of patience, adaptability, and the value of teamwork. Through this experience, I have not only grown personally but also cultivated meaningful relationships, with some of my closest friendships being formed here.

Some of my favorite memories as an RA include late-night discussions, impromptu gatherings, and celebrations of little victories. However, the most rewarding moments are those witnessing residents’ personal growth. Seeing someone conquer their fears, make lifelong friends, or discover their true potential ever fuels my motivation to be the best I can in this role.

As a returning RA this year, I have come to realize the exciting potential that lies within each day. Every interaction, every program, and every challenge is an opportunity to make a positive impact, keeping me engaged, inspired, and wholeheartedly passionate about what I do.

Carson Wong (he, him, his)
Residence Advisor, Orchard Commons
Third-year undergraduate: BKin, Multidisciplinary Sciences


Yellow, pink, and blue graphic with a photo of Khaleela Skinner with the text "Meet Khaleela"

Khaleela Skinner

Working as an RA has been one of the most well-rounded and positive work experiences I have had—it has helped me to grow in so many areas of my life.

Hi, I’m Khaleela and I’m an Advisor in Iona House.

As someone who really enjoys meeting others, but who sometimes strugglesed to put myself out there, I thought that applying to be an RA would help me get out of my shell and make some connections on campus. It turns out I was right! Working as an RA has been one of the most well-rounded and positive work experiences I’ have had, and it has helped me to grow in so many areas of my life.

I have been able to develop my confidence in a friendly environment, supported by my experienced teammates and RLMs. My communication skills have improved greatly, and I not only use them in my role, but also in my personal and professional life. As a law student, skills like advocacy, good listening, professionalism and problem-solving are essential, and this role has helped me develop in those areas and secure great opportunities in my field. I also get to exercise my creative muscles in planning programs and coming up with new and fun ways to connect with my community, something I never expected to enjoy so much. But most importantly, this job is all about the people! As an RA, the opportunity to make meaningful connections is unparalleled—the friendships I’ve formed with my teammates are some of the closest I’ve had, and connecting with my residents is extremely fulfilling, whether the interactions are big or small. The diversity of backgrounds and personalities I encounter in residence is always new and exciting, and thanks to this role, I’m confident that I’ve found my place among them.

Khaleela Skinner (she, her, hers)
Residence Advisor, Iona House
Second Year, Law

Yellow, pink, and blue graphic with a photo of Asia Mustafah with the text "Meet Asia"

Asia Mustafah

As an RA, I have stepped beyond my comfort zone, created lasting connections, and designed impactful programs for our residents.

I am Asia Mustafah, I hail from Somalia, and I am a current Resident Advisor at Totem Park Residence. I’ve always considered myself an introvert with social anxiety. However, I embarked on a remarkable journey as a Resident Advisor (RA), which has turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

My motivation to become an RA stemmed from my desire to challenge myself and break free from my social shell. Little did I know that this role would become a transformative experience, filled with valuable lessons that now shape my daily life.

One of the most incredible aspects of this role is the incredible community I’ve had the privilege to be a part of. It helped me burst out of my unsocial bubble and fostered connections that I cherish. Getting to know my fellow residents has been an enlightening experience.

Being an RA has been a masterclass in communication, assertiveness, and personal growth. I’ve learned to navigate difficult conversations, support my residents, and create a positive and inclusive living environment. These are skills that extend far beyond the realm of school and will undoubtedly serve me in life’s future endeavors.

The most exciting part of my job is witnessing the growth of my residents and working alongside fellow RAs and RLMs in supporting and planning programs to engage and assist residents in feeling at home.

Asia Mustafah (she, her, hers)
Residence Advisor, Totem Park Residence
Second Year, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science



Can I apply if I haven't lived in residence?
Yes, we accept applications from all UBC students. However, experience living in residence at UBC is strongly preferred.
If I haven't lived in residence before, where can I find out more about the different residences?
You can find out more on our website under residences.
I'm here on a student visa. Can I apply?
Yes. If selected for a position, you will need a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).
What should I include in my application?
Incorporate your past work and volunteer experience into your answers in the online application.
Do I need to complete the Residence Advisor Hiring Information Course?

If you are applying for a new Residence Advisor position, you will need to complete the Residence Advisor Recruitment Information Course for your application to be considered. It is mandatory for any applicant who is applying for a RA position.


You can self-enroll in the course at any time prior to the deadline, but we recommend you complete the course as soon as possible, since it will answer additional questions that you may have and help you submit a higher quality application. The deadline to complete the course is January 21, 2024—the same as the application deadline.

Do I also need to apply to live in residence?
To be considered for a space in residence, either as a Residence Life staff member or a resident, (depending on the outcome of your job application), you need to apply to live in residence. If you are selected for a Residence Life position, you will then be guaranteed a space in residence. If you are selected to be a Residence Life staff member and this is not the first time you have paid a residence application fee on the UBC Vancouver campus, your Student Housing account will be reimbursed for the $50 application fee.
What will the interview process look like this year?
If you are selected to participate in our interview process, we will contact you via email with more information. Interviews will be conducted in person on the UBC Vancouver campus.
If I'm offered a job, can I choose my own residence assignment?
We cannot guarantee placement in a specific residence.
If I'm offered a job, when will I receive a job offer?
We anticipate that we will be able to begin sending job offers to successful candidates by the end of May.
Can I have a roommate?
Residence Advisors are not permitted to have roommates. However, if you are married or have a common-law spouse, your spouse is permitted to live with you. Please let us know during the interview process if you have a spouse who will be living with you, so that we can ensure you’re placed in appropriate accommodation.
If my family lives in the Lower Mainland, will I have the opportunity to return home from time to time?
Your schedule will give you the opportunity to visit friends and family from time to time. You are required to stay in residence three nights per week. One of these nights will be a Friday or Saturday each week. You will be planning the schedule with your team on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, you will be required to attend Residence Life staff meetings as follows:

  • Every Monday in September and January
  • Every second Monday for the remainder of each term.

These staff meetings begin at 7 pm and typically last one hour; they are usually followed by small team meetings (i.e., meetings with a small group of other Residence Advisors that you work closely with).

If I am offered a position, will I have opportunities to take time away (e.g., for holidays, academic events, etc.)?
Residence Advisors are able to take a specified amount of time away during the year. All requests must be approved in advance by a manager.

For more information about vacation time, absences related to illness and examination leave, please review the Residence Advisor Letter of Agreement.

Will I be required to work during Reading Break?
You are expected to be present for scheduled in-nights (work) during Reading Break. The schedule will be determined by your Residence Life team.
Will I be required to work during the holiday break (late-December to early-January)?
Most staff are able to take time off during the holiday break and are required to work until the last day of exams in December.
Where can I find more information about job expectations?
Please refer to the applicable job description above.

Are RAs permitted to accept other paid commitments at UBC?
Advisors may be able to take on additional employment, but it cannot exceed a full-time number of paid hours per day or week at UBC. If you are uncertain whether your other paid employment at UBC would result in you exceeding full time hours, please contact
Am I able to hold the Residence Advisor position in addition to being a Jumpstart or Imagine UBC Orientation Leader?
Unfortunately, one may not hold the Residence Advisor and Orientation Leader positions at the same time. This is due to conflicting role-related responsibilities from late-August to early-September.
Are there other jobs available in residence?
We recruit candidates as needed for administrative/support positions such as front desk services and housekeeping. Visit SHCS Careers to learn more. Summer housekeeping jobs are posted in January/February. UBC Food Services also recruits part-time workers as needed. You can also find available SHCS and other UBC positions at UBC Staff Careers.
Are there jobs available at Acadia Park?
Typically, four Community Assistants are employed at Acadia Park, UBC’s student family residence. Contracts end annually on April 30 and are renewed if work performance is satisfactory. Resumés are accepted year-round at the Acadia Park Front Desk and kept on file until a position becomes vacant.
How flexible is my schedule during the mandatory two-week orientationjob training in August?
The Residence Advisor job training is a full-time, intensive training period. It is recommended that you schedule any other commitments outside of this time.
Who can I ask if I have additional questions?
New applicants: Please complete the mandatory Residence Advisor Recruitment Information Course online via Canvas. If you have any remaining questions, contact information is provided at the end of the course.