Ritsumeikan-UBC House

Living in Ritsumeikan-UBC House

Ritsumeikan-UBC House was established as a symbol of UBC's academic partnership with Ritsumeikan University in Japan. Relaxing green space around the property is ideal for studying, hanging out with friends or enjoying quiet time. The nearby Commonsblock is shared with Orchard Commons, one of our first year residences.

Quick Facts

Ritsumeikan-UBC House/Orchard Commons Front Desk

6363 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604 827 2778


Rooms at Ritsumeikan-UBC House

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    Four Bedroom

    Four single private bedrooms with two communal bathrooms, kitchen, living area and eating area. All areas fully furnished.


Facilities at Ritsumeikan-UBC House

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    Ritsumeikan-UBC residents share a Commonsblock with Orchard Commons. Includes: Wi-Fi, dining room, fitness room, music rooms, group and private study spaces, ballroom, games lounge, and after-hours convenience store.

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    Support Staff

    From our Front Desk staff and Overnight Mobile Team to Residence Life professional and student staff, you are never alone! Meet the people you can contact with questions, concerns or a request for support.

  • sorting station

    Sort It Out!

    Sustainability is a shared value in residence. Rits-UBC has a large sorting area with collection bins for household recyclables, e-waste, charitable donations, and trash.

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    Laundry Facilities

    Machines operate on a convenient card system—no need to worry about coins. Facilities are located within each residence block.

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    Parking & Bicycle Storage

    Limited monthly parking is available for a fee. Outdoor bicycle storage is available.

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    Outdoor Facilities

    Basketball, tennis courts, playing fields and beaches are easily accessible. Nearby Pacific Spirit Regional Park has over 35 kilometres of multipurpose trails to explore.

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    Health and Safety

    Residents have access to a campus medical clinic and safety programs such as SafeWalk. There are regular nightly patrols of residence properties.

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    Meal Plan

    Ritsumeikan-UBC suites come with kitchens. Students can purchase an optional meal plan for convenience—no need to cook or carry cash.

Sustainability Features

UBC has been recognized internationally for its commitment to sustainable living. Many residences and rooms have modern sustainability features designed to reduce waste, energy consumption, and water use.

Ritsumeikan-UBC House Residence Life

“You live here only a few years but will carry the memories forever.” – UBC resident

Ritsumeikan-UBC House’s Residence Life team consists of one professional staff member and three student staff who work hard to promote a safe, inclusive and enjoyable community for residents.