Mindful Move Out

Mindful Move Out

The 5 Steps

Moving out at the end of term? Staying on, but expecting new roommates? Let’s make the transition smooth, fair and sustainable—for everyone! 

Here are five steps to help you avoid last-minute moving chaos and to ensure that rooms and shared spaces are left as clean as you’d want them if you were moving in.

1. Plan

  • Start early to make your move out smooth. Spend some time each day packing and cleaning to avoid last-minute chaos, housekeeping fees, and—if you’re staying on in Year Round Housing—to be ready for new roommates moving in.
  • Figure out what you’ll keep, donate or recycle. Plus, if you have roommates, don’t forget to make a plan for those items that don’t seem to belong to anyone.
  • Go find your house or residence donation zone starting in early-April, so you’re ready to start sorting and packing. Can’t find it? Ask your RA!

If you live in Marine Drive, watch for a pop-up donation zone by the elevators on your floor. We’ll be rotating pop-up donation zones from floor to floor beginning in late-March.

Our 2022 donation wish list!

At your donation zone, you’ll find bins for used books, electronic waste, used clothes, household items, non-perishable food, and feminine hygiene products. Our 2022 donation wish list also includes:

  • Mini fridges
  • Countertop appliances: microwaves, kettles, toasters, coffee makers, and rice cookers
  • Kitchenware: dishware, tupperware, cooking utensils, cutlery, and pots and pans
  • Personal furniture and household items: shoe racks, bookshelves, mirrors, desk lamps, clothes hangers, etc.
  • Sports equipment
  • Electronics: routers, iClickers, printers, etc.

We’re featuring these items to help keep them out of the waste stream and make sure they can find a new home at UBC or in the community. Circular economy for the win!

Please make sure items are clean before donating. Thanks!

2. Sort

  • Put your plan into action: keep, donate or recycle your stuff. Organize your belongings into these categories for maximum efficiency—and sustainability!
  • Donate items at your house or residence donation zone starting in early-April—or, for Marine Drive residents, donate at a pop-up donation zone when it comes to your floor between late-March and late-April.
  • Remember, some items actually belong in the garbage: broken, soiled or ripped stuff that can’t be recycled and half-eaten or used foods that can’t be composted.

3. Pack

  • Pack a little bit every day. You’ll be surprised how many things you can pack up in advance.
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute!
Pro tip: If you need to store any of your belongings for next year, you might want to consider a local mini-storage company. Find a location through findstoragefast or check out some nearby options such as Kitsilano Mini Storage, Public Storage, Maple Leaf Storage, Black Mountain Storage, and more. There are also convenient pickup/storage options such as Storagehotel or Alluster. Whatever option you choose, be sure to book early – and ask if they offer student discounts!

4. Clean

  • Whether you’re moving out or getting a new roommate, it’s time to clean!
  • Be thorough, respectful and leave nothing behind.

5. Check out!

  • Set up mail forwarding in the Student Housing Online Service Centre. (Fairview Crescent residents: contact Canada Post to forward mail.)
  • Check out at your residence Front Desk!
Cleaning & departure checklists