Mindful Move Out

Packing books into boxes.

When one student moves out of residence, another will soon move in—sometimes next term and sometimes the next day. In times of turnover, there are important steps both departing and remaining residents must follow to ensure a smooth, fair, and sustainable experience for everyone. All rooms and shared spaces should be as clean as you’d expect them to be for you. Avoid stress and conflict by following the Five Steps of a Mindful Move Out.

1. Make a plan

  • Start one month early. Spend a few hours a week packing and cleaning to avoid stress, housekeeping assessments, and to be ready for new roommates moving in.
  • Make a plan for disposing large, unwanted items like printers, bookshelves, mini-fridges, sports equipment, mirrors and the like. Donate items in good condition or trade them at a residence swap event.

2. Sort It Out!

  • Moving out sustainably means trying to recycle/donate most of your unwanted belongings. We recommend separating donations in one box, recycling and e-waste in another, and garbage last.
  • Bring items to your floor, house, or residence Move Out stations. Check out posters on your floor for locations—or ask your RA! Drop items in clearly marked bins. Your donations go to AMS Food Bank, Discovery Books, and the Developmental Disabilities Association.
  • Remember: It’s great to try to reduce waste, but some items DO belong in the garbage (broken, soiled or ripped items, and half-used foods that can’t be recycled/composted).

3. Pack your stuff

  • Set aside a few hours each week for packing. If you need to store anything, Alluster Storage is a good option for students.

4. Clean, clean, clean

  • Follow the Cleaning & Checkout checklist to avoid a housekeeping assessment.
  • Cleaning procedures apply to students moving out and those getting a new roommate. Be thorough, respectful, and leave nothing behind.

5. Check out and forward mail

  • Go to the Front Desk to check out. Use the Online Service Centre to sign up for mail forwarding.
  • Fairview Crescent residents: Contact Canada Post to forward mail.