Solving Problems


When Things Don’t Go As Expected

Residence is a community of residents and staff from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Not everyone views, hears, understands or experiences things the same way. Despite best efforts and intentions, misunderstandings, conflicts, disagreements and unmet expectations can occur. When this happens, if your efforts to resolve the issue(s) with the person(s) involved have not been successful, it may be helpful to ask a Student Housing staff member for advice, assistance, intervention, or a review.

Although not a comprehensive list, here are the first people residents should speak to about their concerns. If you are not sure where or how to contact these staff or offices, please check our Contact Us page or ask at your Front Desk. If you are not a resident, please contact our Associate Directors, Residence Life for assistance. The Front Desk and Residence Life Manager offices are in the Commonsblock of each residence community. Residence Life Assistant Director offices are in the Student Housing Main Office. Residence Staff and Council are here to help! Learn more about what they do.

Who To Reach Out To

Here’s a list of who to reach out to when things don’t go as expected.

Conduct that appears to contravene the Residence Contract

  1. Residence Advisor
  2. Residence Life Manager

Conflict with your roommate/neighbour; disruptive conduct by another person

  1. Residence Advisor
  2. Residence Life Manager

Harassing conduct by another person

  1. Residence Life Manager
  2. Associate Directors, Residence Life

Safety, security, wellbeing of yourself or others

Front Desk services or staff

  1. Residence Front Desk Services Coordinator (office is located at the Front Desk)
  2. Associate Director Residence Life – Operations and Service Development (office is located in the Student Housing Main Office)

Maintenance and Facilities services or staff

  1. Building Services Manager or Residence Life Manager
  2. Associate Directors, Residence Life

Residence Life events or staff

  1. Residence Life Manager
  2. Associate Directors, Residence Life

Residence Council events or members

  1. Residence President
  2. Residence Life Manager or the President of the UBC Residence Hall Association

Residence room assignment problems after move-in

  1. Residence Life Manager
  2. Associate Director Residence Life – Residence Admissions & Administration

Residence dining room / mini-mart service or staff

  1. Manager, Residence Dining Room (office is located in each Dining Room)
  2. Associate Director — Residence Dining and Mini Marts

Additional Campus Resources for Advice and Assistance

Depending on your concern(s) you may also be referred to, or seek advice and assistance from UBC/AMS service or resource offices outside of Student Housing:

We’re Here to Help: Residence Staff and Council

Residence Life Managers

Residence Life Managers are full-time employees of the University who live and work in each residence. They have extensive residence life experience and training, and a solid knowledge of campus resources. They promote and support an atmosphere of academic achievement and community, and enhance student learning outside the classroom. They oversee the Residence Life Staff in your residence and also help advise the Residence Council. Residence Life Manager contact information.

Residence Life Staff

Residence Coordinators, Residence Advisors, Community Assistants, Programme Resource Centre Assistants

Student staff members, under the direction of the Residence Life Management Team, are here to help! Staff members are undergraduate and graduate students who live and work in residence. Together, they work to help everyone build a positive living environment. They can help you get acquainted with others, answer your questions, post information, provide a listening ear and direct you to relevant University, AMS or community resources and services. And they help keep the peace by supporting the Residence Standards and policies outlined in your residence contract.

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk Staff look after each residence front desk. They handle administrative functions, call for emergency assistance when needed, answer the front desk phone, take maintenance requests and sort the mail. They also dispatch on-call Residence Life staff to address student concerns. Support is always just a call away, day or night. Front Desk Staff contact information.

Counsellor in Residence

If you’re a first-year student in residence and you’re feeling persistently stressed, anxious, or sad, you can make an appointment to see UBC’s Counsellor in Residence.

Facilities and Building Services Staff

Facilities and Building Services staff work during the day and evening to maintain a clean and safe living environment, with the support of the area Building Services Manager. They are also responsible for repair and maintenance work.

Residence Council Members

With the support of the Residence President, your elected student council works to build community and enrich the residents’ experience through programming and advocacy initiatives. Each residence community has its own council.

Residence Dining Staff

The Residence Dining staff offer customers delicious, nutritious meals at three residence dining rooms. They also answer menu-related questions, provide nutritional counselling, order and maintain food and beverage inventories, clean the service and seating areas, and offer special dining room events. Each dining room has a Residence Dining Room Manager, and all residents can meet with our Nutrition and Wellness manager. Meal Plan and General Inquiry contact information.