Orchard Commons

Living in Orchard Commons

Orchard Commons is one of our newest residences. It's ideal for students who are new to UBC and want space and time for studying, the comforts of home, and a relaxed communal atmosphere ideal for making new friends. Students always have someone to walk to class with, talk to, or have dinner with, all within a fun and supportive environment.

The building features stunning architecture and design, a LEED Gold certificate, dining facilities as well as interconnected floor lounges with snack kitchens and wonderful mountain and ocean views. It is also home to Vantage College.

Quick Facts

*Includes all room types, except for one bedroom apartments, which are only assigned to graduate students and do not have a required meal plan.

Orchard Commons Front Desk

6363 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604 827 2778


Rooms at Orchard Commons

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    Connected Single Room

    Each room has basic furnishings with a semi-private washroom accessed by two same-gendered residents.


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    Shared Room

    Double rooms have basic furnishings and shared private washrooms with showers and toilets.


Facilities at Orchard Commons

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    Meal Plan

    Orchard Commons residents don’t have to cook. The mandatory All Access Dining Plan is valid at more than 30 campus locations, including Open Kitchen—the on-site dining hall.

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    The hub for many residence activities. Includes: Wi-Fi, Dining Room, fitness room, music rooms, group and private study spaces and games lounge

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    Support Staff

    From our Front Desk staff and Overnight Mobile Team to Residence Life professional and student staff, you are never alone! Meet the people you can contact with questions, concerns or a request for support.

  • sorting station

    Sort It Out!

    Sustainability is a shared value in residence. Orchard Commons has waste sorting stations with collection bins for household recyclables, e-waste and charitable donations. The dining hall has an area to separate and compost food waste.

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    Laundry Facilities

    Machines operate on a convenient card system—no need to worry about coins. Facilities are located in each House.

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    Parking & Bicycle Storage

    Monthly parking is available for a fee. A bike hook is provided in your room.

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    Outdoor Facilities

    Orchard Commons features a large courtyard perfect for lounging or playing sports and it is adjacent to many campus recreation facilities.

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    Health & Safety

    Residents have access to a full array of services including the campus medical clinic, couselling services, and personal safety programs.

Sustainability Features

UBC has been recognized internationally for its commitment to sustainable living. Many residences and rooms have modern sustainability features designed to reduce waste, energy consumption, and water use. Read the design & sustainability case study for Orchard Commons.

Orchard Commons Residence LIfe

Living in Orchard Commons was an amazing experience! It gave me the opportunity to form deep connections and feel a strong sense of belonging—and have great conversations with my housemates! – Ani Nkiru, Orchard Commons resident

Orchard Commons’ Residence Life team consists of professional staff, as well as student staff, who work with residents to promote safe, inclusive, caring and enjoyable residence communities.