Counsellor in Residence

Students in a class at UBC

If you’re a first-year student in residence and you’re feeling persistently stressed, anxious, or sad, you can make an appointment to see UBC’s Counsellor in Residence.


Freeman Woolnough, MEd, CCC
Counsellor in Residence

“Hi, I’m Freeman, UBC’s Counsellor in Residence. First year university can be a challenging time. There are lots of support resources at UBC—and I’m here to provide additional support for students living in UBC Student Housing.”

Top reasons to make an appointment

  • Sadness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship troubles
  • Loss and/or grief
  • Past experience of physical, sexual, or emotional violence
  • Other mental health challenges

What to expect

You’ll start with a 30-minute initial session, where Freeman will listen to your needs and connect you with resources to best help you reach your goals. These could include self-directed resources, workshops and coaching, group therapy, or individual short-term counselling. If longer-term counselling is needed, Freeman will help connect you with resources and options in the local community.

In addition to daytime appointments, Freeman is able to book appointments in the early evening and on Saturdays.

How to make an appointment

Email the Counsellor in Residence

Include the following info:

  • Your full name
  • Your student number
  • Your class schedule
Freeman will reply to your email as soon as possible with proposed appointment times.


If you have any questions about Counsellor in Residence, like what to expect in a session or whether you should make an appointment, please email Freeman.


Our Counsellor in Residence and all of UBC’s health professionals are committed to keeping your visit and concerns completely private and confidential.

Information about you and your health can only be shared with your permission, or when safety concerns or legal requirements arise.

If you have any questions about confidentiality, please ask during your appointment.

What other resources are available?

Online health resources
Health includes taking care of yourself every day, understanding that challenges are normal, and knowing what to do when you don’t feel well.

Wellness Centre
At the Wellness Centre, talk with a trained student for tips and resources on stress, study tips, or navigating university life.

Wellness Centre
Counselling Services
If you’re feeling persistently stressed, anxious, or sad, make an appointment with a Wellness Advisor.

Counselling Services
Crisis support
Reach out for immediate help if you or someone else is in danger, or at risk of harming yourself or others.

Crisis support
Sexual Violence Prevention and Response (SVPRO)
A safe place for students, faculty, or staff who have experienced sexual violence, regardless of where or when it took place.

Student Health Service
Visit a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional on campus.

Student Health Service