Refer to the details below for information about refund options and processing times.

Please see the cancellations page for eligibility details, cancellation fees and possible fee exemptions.

Requesting a refund

Checking out early

If you are checking out early and meet eligibility criteria for a refund, it will typically be issued automatically, 3–5 weeks after you have moved out.

To verify that your refund is being processed, if possible please wait at least one week after you move out, and then contact the Student Housing Main Office to check on the status of your contract and refund.

Payment errors and overpayments

If you have made a payment error or overpayment to Student Housing, please contact the Student Housing Main Office to request a refund.

Refund methods

Primary refund method

In most cases, refunds are issued using the original payment method.

Alternative refund methods

If a refund to the original payment method is not possible, we will contact you to arrange a refund through one of the following options.

Credit card—we can refund to Visa or Mastercard credit cards (not debit cards). Complete the credit card refund form to request a credit card refund. Transfer timeline: within three weeks.*

Transfer to your UBC tuition account—available for current UBC students only, you can request a transfer to your UBC tuition account. Transfer timeline: within one week.*

Transfer to your UBCcard Value Plan—available for current UBC students only, you can request a transfer to your UBCcard Value Plan meal plan. Transfer timeline: within three business days.*

Direct Deposit—request a direct deposit transfer to your bank account. Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive email instructions on how to complete the transfer. Transfer timeline: within four weeks.*

*Transfer timelines are from the date that UBC confirms the refund method with you, not necessarily the date you contact us (i.e., not the date you email us with the request).

For more detailed information about cancellations and refunds, please refer to your Residence Contract.