Prospective residents
Current residents
Returning residents

Prospective undergraduate residents

When can I apply to live in residence?
New students usually apply to live in residence at the end of the UBC Admissions process in February. Student Housing also accepts applications directly through the Online Service Centre or print an application form. See Important Dates to confirm the deadline to apply.
Who is eligible to live in residence?
Who gets priority to live in residence?
We set aside rooms first for students who qualify for the First Year Guarantee and Priority Access.

How are residence offers sent?
All residence offers are sent by email.
What if I don’t respond to the offer by the deadline?
Please contact Student Housing immediately.
What if I’m unable to pay a deposit?
Please contact Student Housing immediately.
What if I don’t want to live in the area I’m offered?
If you want to live in residence, we recommend you accept the offer. If the offer is declined, you will not receive another one. If you are unhappy with your room, you may apply for a room transfer in mid-September. Transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed.
How much does it cost to live in residence?
Fees vary by residence and room type.
How can I pay fees?
There are a few ways. See Fees & Payments to find an option that works best for you.
How can I check my account balance?
Use the Online Service Centre. When a payment is received, a credit will appear on your account.
Can someone else call the main office on my behalf to ask about my application or fees?

We will only release this information if you provided consent to release it on your application form. See how we value privacy.

Do I have to buy a meal plan?
Students who live at Place Vanier, Totem Park and Orchard Commons must purchase the Residence Meal Plan. Students assigned to other residences can purchase an optional UBCcard Value Plan.
Can I bring my car?
Parking fees are extra. Spots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Can first year students request a roommate?
Yes. Roommate group requests are part of the application process.
Can I contact my roommate (s) before moving in?
Yes, if there’s consent. Use the Online Service Centre to consent to release your information to each other. Roommates usually contact each other in mid-August.
When can I move into residence?
You will receive specific move in details (date/time) by email before your move in date. It’s important you arrive at the time indicated to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.
Can I move in early?
Early arrivals are typically not permitted. Check eligibility.

Current residents

What if someone calls the main office to get in touch with me?
To comply with privacy law, we don’t release information about any residents unless consent is provided.
Who do I contact about lost or stolen keys?
Visit the Front Desk immediately to file a report.
What if residence property needs maintenance?
Use the Online Service Centre to send a maintenance request. Do not attempt to fix residence property on your own.
Does UBC cover damages to my personal property?
No. UBC’s insurance coverage is for the physical structure of buildings (walls, roof, flooring) and components (fridges, stoves) only. The university is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property, regardless of the cause. We recommend that all personal belongings be covered by private insurance. Your family plan may cover you. BCAA is also an option.
Can I switch rooms with someone?
What if there is a conflict within residence?
All residents must adhere to Residence Standards. Conflicts or breaches of Residence Standards are investigated by Residence Life staff.
What happens during the winter break?
Place Vanier, Totem Park and Orchard Commons residents are not permitted to stay in their rooms during the winter holiday break. Students in other residences are permitted to stay, however, campus services are limited.
When is the deadline to move out of residence?
Check our Important Dates page for this year’s move out date. But if you’re moving directly into another residence operated by UBC Student Housing, watch for an email with information about when to move—or contact us.
Where can I dispose of garbage and unwanted items when I move out?
Check out our Moving Out page to learn more about how to move out of residence and what to do with the stuff you’re not taking with you.
Are there fees when moving out?
Students face assessments if there’s any damage to residence property or required cleaning was not completed to our satisfaction.
What is the policy for cancelling a Residence Contract?
After moving in: These policies are clearly defined in your Residence Contract. Cancellation must be initiated using the Online Service Centre.

Before moving in: See Cancellations & Refunds.

Returning and graduate residents

What type of housing should I apply for?
Year Round residence is the place for upper year and graduate students. Learn more at Returning Students.
Can I apply for Winter Session residence too?
You are welcome to apply for upper year Winter Session housing; however, there is a very limited number of spaces available.
How do I increase my chances of getting into residence?
Apply to live in Year Round residence as early as possible.
What about roommate requests?
After receiving a residence offer, go online to update your application preferences and submit a roommate grouping request.
What if I change my mind about living in residence?
Before moving in, see Cancellations & Refunds. After moving in, refer to your Residence Contract.
Are sublets allowed?
Yes. Upper-year and graduate students may be eligible to sublet their room.