Before You Leave Home

Young woman packing a suitcase.

Ten Things to Do Before You Leave Home

  1. Buy or order bed and bath linens.
  2. Apply for a UBCcard if you don’t have one.
  3. Get renter’s insurance to protect your belongings. You may be covered under your family plan.
  4. Review important Residence Standards and be prepared to live by them.
  5. Know what services and amenities are available in residence and how to access them, especially how to use waste sorting areas that will help you live sustainably.
  6. Explore your options for getting to, from and around campus, including bikeshare, carshare and public transit.
  7. Contact your roommates online to coordinate shared items.
  8. When you receive your residence and room assignment, look at the residence map to locate your residence and plan your route.
  9. Leave your residence mailing address with family and friends.
  10. Know what time you’re supposed to arrive and other things to expect when moving in.

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