More Than A Game

At UBC, we’re big believers in the benefits of getting involved in extracurricular activities.

Playing sports, like football, is a way to build important leadership skills, stay healthy and active. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends.

We sat down with Colin Yang, Vikaram Varpaul, Spencer Moore and Karson Patommel, Totem Park residents and first-year recruits on the UBC Thunderbird football team. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Colin Yang (right) is from Frisco, Texas. He's studying Computer Sciences at UBC.

Colin Yang (right)

Colin Yang

Football is a place where I have no doubts, no stress and no fear.

I’ve heard people refer to their university experience as the best time of their life. I’ve no idea how true this really is or not, but one thing’s for sure—it’s definitely one of the most stressful.

It can get really hectic sometimes. Pages upon pages of reading to keep up with every night. Tests and quizzes to study for. Luckily, no matter how tough or stressful life seems, there’s always a place I can go to unwind, de-stress, and forget about my worries. It’s a place where I am at ease, in tune with my element, no matter the time of day nor the season.

Colin is from Frisco, Texas. He’s studying Computer Science at UBC.

Vikaram Varpaul is from Surrey, BC. He's studying in the Faculty of Arts at UBC.

Vikaram Varpaul

Vikaram Varpaul

Football creates a winning attitude, helping me develop not only as an athlete but as a student.

What makes football so much more than a game is everything that it teaches me. To be a member of the UBC Thunderbird football team requires mental toughness and discipline. Every day I put 100% of my energy into workouts, practice, and meetings trying to constantly improve myself and help the team succeed. This attitude applies towards everything I do outside of football, including academics.

To me, football is not just a game, it is a huge part of my life.

Vikaram Varpaul is from Surrey, BC. He studies in the Faculty of Arts at UBC.

Spencer Moore (centre) is from Langley, BC and is studying in the Faculty of Arts at UBC.

Spencer Moore (centre)

Spencer Moore

Football is more than just a game, it’s my passion and first love.

As a player, a great amount of dedication is required on and off the field: in meetings, in the gym, and in the classroom. To be successful at what I do, it requires a very determined attitude and that’s what I adopt.

With that said, all the efforts I put into perfecting my game can be very time-consuming, making it tough to study and get school work done sometimes. But, at the end of the day, the challenge of balancing it all is worth it. When I get to step out on to the field, and wear that number 31, I know I won’t be out-worked. Every play is all out and that comes from the constant grind day-in and day-out.

Spencer Moore is from Langley, BC. He’s studying in the Faculty of Arts at UBC. 

Karson Patommel is from Vernon, BC and is in his first-year of Kinesiology studies.

Karson Patommel

Karson Patommel

Football lets me be more than just a first-year student at UBC: it’s what makes me unique. 

When I walk around campus, I am proud of being on a team that works so hard and contributes to the community.

Because of football, I have the unique opportunity to play for thousands of fans all while making friends and creating important relationships with my teammates. Football is more than just a game, it gives me the opportunity to better myself and it has really made my experience at UBC a great one. I look forward to many more years as a UBC thunderbird.

Karson Patommel is from Vernon, BCHe’s studying Kinesiology at UBC.