Acadia Park Resources

Acadia Park

Living at Acadia Park has many perks. Eligible families get discounts and free admission at a variety of campus events and have convenient access to community resources like daycares, schools, fitness and learning programs, transit, and vast outdoor spaces.

Living with Noise in a Shared Community
Sorting Out Waste
Cooking Grease And Baby Wipes
Parking In And Around Acadia Park
Reminder About Your Storage Locker
What Can You Do About Noisy Neighbours
Thinking About Subletting Your Unit?
Locked Out Of Your Unit?
Being A Good Neighbour
Reminder Of The Smoking Policy
What If My Smoke Alarm Sounds While I'm Cooking?
Play Safe
Babysitting 101
Garden Swing Replacement
Information About The Acadia Highrise Closure
Noise In And Around Acadia Park
Where can I or my guest smoke in Acadia Park?
Tips For Sharing The Laundy Rooms In Acadia Park
Announcing the Results of the APRA election
Have You Cleaned Your Range Hood Lately?
Keeping Your Bike Safe
Looking For Places To Sign Up For Activities?
Birthday Party Possibilities Around UBC
Keeping Clean Balconies
Do I Need Tenant Insurance?
Five Essential Fire Safety Tips
Co-existing With Coyotes
UTown@UBC Community Services Card
Schools and Daycare
Wesbrook Village
Around Kitsilano
Spirituality Services