Work in Residence Life

Work in Residence Life. It's more than just a job!

It’s more than just a job.

We’re looking for passionate, dedicated, caring UBC students of all ages to join our vibrant team in 2018/19.

Working in Residence Life is a valuable way to build important leadership skills, help other students succeed socially and academically, and earn income during the school year.

Residence Life staff inspire communities, plan events, lend an ear when needed, and—most importantly—help create lifelong memories for residents and themselves.

I get to work with amazing people who are passionate and dedicated to creating healthy and inclusive communities. – Ani Nkiru, Marine Drive

I love this job because it is challenging and because I feel its rewards. – Nathan Herrington, Orchard Commons

Working in Residence Life has been the single most transformative experience of my time at UBC. – Luke McAndless-Davis, Walter Gage

Types of jobs*

Job title Experience level Application deadline
Residence Advisor (RA) No experience required January 14, 2018
Senior Residence Advisor (SRA) Residence work experience required January 14, 2018
PRC Advisor (PRCA) Residence work experience required January 14, 2018
Residence Coordinator (RC) High level of leadership experience required
Graduated or close to graduation
January 14, 2018

*Job descriptions will be posted shortly!

Recruitment calendar

New this year! For your application to be considered, you must attend a mandatory Information & Application Session. Visit the Residence Life Event Calendar for dates & times.


When What’s happening
Monday, November 20 Applications open
November 21–January 8 Visit our Work in Residence Life info booth at residences across campus to learn more!

Check out the Residence Life Event Calendar for dates, times, and locations.

November 23–January 11 Attend a mandatory Information & Application Session.

Visit the Residence Life Event Calendar for dates & times.

Saturday, January 13 Visit our booth at the Student Leadership Conference!
Sunday, January 14 Last day to apply! (Application is open until 11:59pm)
January 26–February 1 Carousel interviews for new applicants
February 13-22 Residence Coordinator interviews
Thursday, March 8 Hiring decisions made, candidates notified
Monday, March 19 First staff meeting (mandatory)
August 2018 Mandatory two-week orientation
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Student Stories

Nathan Herrington

Nathan Herrington

Working in Residence Life is more than a job. It’s the chance to thrive.

Hi, I’m Nathan! I live and work in Orchard Commons (Bartlett House) as a Senior Residence Advisor. This is my third year living in a first-year residence and—just so I make it very clear—I don’t want to leave! I love the first year experience. Living in residence as a first year student was eight months of community building, new opportunities, and lots of learning.

What makes the UBC experience unique is the opportunity you have to get involved, to share in and impact the collective experience—while at the same time creating your own individual experience. And this is what keeps me coming back. I learned that I do my best work when I feel like it’s benefitting the community, and I thrive when I am immersed, which is exactly what being an RA entails. It is more than just a job. It’s a lifestyle. Similar to the broader university experience, it is also an education.

I am constantly reminded that the personal and professional growth that I gain from being an advisor is just as vital as the academic toolkit I am building through my studies. I love this job because it is challenging and because I feel its rewards. Learning is fun—especially when you get to do it alongside a committed and collaborative leadership team, as part of an adventurous and ambitious community, and in an environment that feels like home.

Nathan Herrington, 20, Orchard Commons
Third-year undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts
Hometown: Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (among other places)

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Ani Nkiru

Ani Nkiru

Working in Residence Life is more than a job. It’s a launch pad.

Residence Life has positively shaped my life in so many ways. When I first moved to Vancouver for university it was my first time in Canada. During my first year at UBC, living in residence fundamentally helped me transition to a new place and culture. I felt supported and valued every step of the way.

Later, working in Residence Life provided an opportunity to give back to a community that has contributed to the strong person and student that I am today. I consider working in Residence Life an invaluable opportunity, which I am immensely grateful for. I get to work with amazing people who are passionate and dedicated to creating healthy and inclusive communities.

Now, in my third year with Residence Life, there are new challenges, experiences, and opportunities, and I consider myself lucky to be working with such a diverse and dedicated team of Residence Life staff and students.

My role with Residence Life has also helped me become a more confident student—and I find I am striving to aim higher and achieve more. I am able to apply the skills and ethic in my course work and know that the skills and experience that I am building in this role will contribute to greater opportunities and success in my professional life.

I have found a community and a home in Residence Life.

Ani Nkiru, 24, Marine Drive 
Fourth-year undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Commerce)
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

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Luke McAndless-Davis

Luke McAndless-Davis

Working in Residence Life is more than a job. It’s an education.

Working in Residence Life has been the single most transformative experience of my time at UBC. I first became an advisor because I wanted to make a difference in my community. After four years working in Residence Life, I realize that my community has also made a big difference in my life.

Being an RA has allowed me to discover hidden strengths, challenge myself to improve (and pursue goal after goal), and take part in an exceptional training program, which has taught me many valuable life skills. It’s also where I found many of my closest friends. Plus, Residence Life has enriched and augmented my education in so many ways; it’s possible that I learned more in residence than I did in class!

Being a Residence Advisor has been an incredible gift, and it is an experience that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life. My residents and colleagues inspire me every day. I couldn’t ask for a better environment in which to live and learn.

Luke McAndless-Davis, 22, Walter Gage
Fifth-year Undergraduate: Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education
Hometown: New Westminster, British Columbia

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Graduate Student FAQ

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