Getting to Ritsumeikan-UBC House on Move In Day

Check out the arrival instructions for Ritsumeikan-UBC House below—and don’t miss our orientation video for students moving into upper-year residence!

You will check in at Orchard Commons before moving into Ritsumeikan-UBC House. The arrival instructions below will direct you to Orchard Commons.

Arriving by taxi?

Your taxi driver can drop you off at Orchard Commons (at the Agronomy Road entrance), where you’ll check in.

Arriving by bus?

Once you arrive at the campus bus loop, the easiest way to get to Orchard Commons, where you’ll check in, is to walk southwest across campus. It’s about a 20-minute walk. Or you can take a campus shuttle bus. Take either the number 68 or 70 Community Shuttle from the UBC Exchange bus loop.

Arriving by car?

First off, GPS is great for getting to UBC, but once you’re close to campus, follow our signs instead. We’ve posted them at key points all over campus. And don’t forget to download our Move In Day map!

Step 1

Once you arrive at UBC, your first stop is the Thunderbird Parkade, where you’ll park while you get checked in. Follow the signs around campus to Orchard Commons and they’ll take you to the Thunderbird Parkade.

Parking in this parkade is free on the August 24 and August 31 Move In Days.

Step 2

Walk or take one of our free shuttles to Orchard Commons to check in and attend an orientation. Leave your belongings at your car for now!

Step 3

Drive your belongings to Ritsumeikan-UBC HouseOnce you’ve checked in and attended an orientation, you’re all set. It’s time to move in!

What if I arrive late?

Arriving after 5 pm on Aug 24 or 4 pm on Aug 31? No problem! When you arrive, you can park at the B4 parking lot across from Orchard Commons (on Agronomy Road) and go directly to the front desk to check in.


If you have questions that aren’t answered above or in our Move In Day guide, please contact us.