Getting to Orchard Commons on Move In Day

Check out the arrival instructions for Orchard Commons below—and don’t miss this orientation video for students moving into first-year residence!

Arriving by taxi?

Your taxi driver can drop you off at the Life Sciences Institute, where you’ll check in.

Arriving by bus?

Once you arrive at the campus bus loop, the easiest way to get to the Life Sciences Institute is to walk across campus. It’s about a 15-minute walk. Or you can take the Route 68 Community Shuttle from the UBC Exchange bus loop.

Arriving by car?

Step 1

Once you arrive at UBC, your first stop is the Thunderbird Parkade, where you’ll temporarily park while you get checked in.

Parking in this parkade is free on the August 27 and September 3 Move In Days.

Step 2

Our volunteers will then direct you to the Life Sciences Institute to begin your check in process. Leave your belongings at your car for now, but don’t forget to bring your government-issued photo ID.

  • You will enter the Life Sciences Institute and join the line for Orchard Commons residents.
  • You will get your keys and arrival package at the check-in tables.
  • For students who are new to UBC and moving into residence, if you applied for your UBC card by Aug 12, it will be in your arrival package.
  • You will get an unloading pass so you can drive your belongings to your residence building.

Step 3

Drive to Orchard Commons

It’s time to unload!

  • Once you receive your check in package, you will return to your vehicle and exit the Thunderbird parkade.
  • Due to construction at the Parkade exit, please follow this route to arrive at the entrance to the B4 Lot across the street from Orchard Commons.
  • You will enter the B4 parking lot and volunteers will direct you to an available parking spot to unload your vehicle.
  • Our volunteers will help you unload your car and bring your items up to your room.
  • Once your vehicle is empty, you must exit the area and return to the Thunderbird parkade to park for the remainder of the day.
Download a Move In Day Map

What if I arrive late?

Arriving after 4:30 pm on Aug 27 or Sept 3? No problem! When you arrive, you can park at the B4 parking lot across from Orchard Commons (on Agronomy Road) and go directly to the front desk to check in.


If you have questions that aren’t answered above or in our Move In Day guide, please contact us.