Acadia Park Subletting Guidelines

  1. No resident has the automatic right to sublet their accommodation. Sublets are only permitted in certain residences and only where the resident has satisfied all applicable requirements.
  2. Residents must submit a sublet application to the Student Housing Main Office a minimum of 30 days in advance of the requested sublet start date. Submitting an application does not guarantee that the request will be approved.
  3. The sublet application form must be completed and signed by both the resident and the proposed sublessee.
  4. Sublet requests must be for one month (30 days) occupancy at minimum and 5 months maximum. Short-term sublets (less than one month) will not be approved.
  5. The sublessee must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    a. must be in good standing with Student Housing (i.e. no current evictions or denial of visiting privileges and in good financial standing);
    b. if the sublet period falls between the months of September to April, the sublessee must be a:
    – UBC student who will be registered in credit courses or in a graduate program at UBC during the sublet term or;
    – UBC student employed by a UBC department in a research capacity. Proof of employment (i.e. copy of the appointment notification) is required or;
    – full-time student from another university performing research directed by a UBC department. Proof of UBC employment, sponsorship, or student status is required.
    c. must meet occupant eligibility for Acadia Park, i.e. they must be occupying the sublet with their spouse or partner and/or dependant children. Sublets will not be approved if a sublessee is living alone or with a roommate.
  6. Sublets are more likely to be approved during the months of May to August. Sublets during the Winter Session – September to April – are not typically approved. However, residents are welcome to submit applications for compelling circumstances wherein one’s absence from Vancouver is required by participation in a University-related academic pursuit (e.g. student exchange program), or you are required to leave Vancouver to complete your degree requirements (e.g. Co-op program, practicum, research, or data collection).
  7. The resident must be returning to their residence accommodation after the sublet term has ended. A sublet request will not be approved where the end date is the same as your contract end date.
  8. The contract holder remains responsible for the actions of the sublessee under the Acadia Park Residential Agreement during the sublet term, which means the contract holder:
    a. pays rent and other related fees on time during the sublet term; and
    b. ensures the sublessee understands and follows all terms of the residential agreement, including expectations of conduct on property.
    c. authorises Student Housing to take such action as Student Housing deems necessary, to enforce the terms of the contract against the sublessee, including evicting the sublessee.
  9. Parking in Acadia Park is strictly regulated. If the sublessee requires parking in Acadia Park during their sublet term, the contract holder must visit UBC Parking and Access Control Services at to obtain a parking space for an additional fee. The contract holder is responsible for ensuring the sublesee understands and follows all terms of the University Traffic and Parking rules in addition to other parking rules and regulations outlined in the Acadia Park residential agreement.
  10. The resident must leave up-to-date contact information to ensure Student Housing can contact the contract holder if there is a problem with the sublet (e.g. residential agreement violations, facilities emergency, termination of the sublet agreement and/or termination of the residential agreement).