Acadia Park Pet Policy

This policy recognizes the cultural diversity and transient nature of the community, as well as the health and safety implications to the children living in the community.

Fish in an aquarium, caged pet birds, and caged gerbils may be kept in the interior of the Residential Premises provided always that they are kept in such a manner so as not to cause damage to the Residential Premises or create a nuisance to other tenants or to the Landlord’s staff or operations. No other pets or animals are permitted on the Residential Premises or the Residential Property. For greater certainty, the Tenant will not permit guest to bring animals in or near the Residential Premises.

The Tenant many apply to keep a guide animal at the Residential Premises provided the Tenant supplies to the Landlord documentation acceptable to the Landlord to verify that:

  1. The guide animal is certified as a guide animal pursuant to the Guide Animal Act of British Columbia; and
  2. The guide animal is required by the Tenant or a registered Occupant of the Residential Premises due to a documented disability.

The Tenant may not keep a guide animal on the Residential Premises until such time as it is approved in writing by the Landlord. Any guide animal will be kept in such a manner so as not to disturb, threaten or create a nuisance to the Landlord or other persons on the Residential Property.