Residence Life Blog

Living with a roommate: my first-year experience

An opportunity to gain an unexpected friend.

Making friends

Sam’s strategies for meeting new people and making connections.

Stressed student working on assignment in library


What it is, and why it’s never worth the risk.

Happy young university students studying with books in library

Reasons to live in residence

The research speaks for itself. Residence rules!

Lakshmi Sangaranarayanan, Director, Student Residence

New here?

Janice’s ten essential tips for new students.

Mother And Daughter Meeting With Male Teacher

Distance parenting

“The goal for parents is finding the right balance.”

Two roommates talking in kitchen

Shared Living

When you live with other people, a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way.

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Money matters

Living in residence? Better jump on board the budget train.

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Managing stress

Build resiliency to get through the tough times.

Take care of your health

Let’s face it. Getting sick is part of life.

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Overcoming Loneliness

It’s normal, but there are ways to overcome it.

Confident Young Woman

Emergency preparedness

What to do if there’s an emergency while you’re living in residence.

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Busting bias

Bias is not a joke.