Useful Resources

Denise Preira

Work in Residence Life

It’s more than just a job.

Red fail stamp on a degree


What it is, and why it’s never worth the risk.

Reasons to live in residence

The research speaks for itself. Rez rules!

Safe drinking

Important things to remember before you end up forgetting everything.

New here?

Janice’s ten essential tips for new students.

Parents rights (and wrongs)

“The goal for parents is finding the right balance.”

No means no.

Sexual assault

It can happen to you or someone you know. Get educated, be prepared.

Two women in a communal bathroom.

Shared Living

When you live with other people, a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way.

Hands opening an empty wallet

Money matters

Living in residence? Better jump on board the budget train.

Graphic of a colourful brain

Mental health

Stress, depression, and even sleep loss can threaten academic success.

Worried female student in a library

Managing stress

Build resiliency to get through the tough times.

Two men leaning on bicycles

How to live green

Sustainability is a shared value in residence. Like UBC, you can be a leader.

Take care of your health

Let’s face it. Getting sick is part of life.