Acadia Park Residence Parking Changes

Dear Resident:

We are writing to update you about an upcoming change regarding how residence parking is provided for residents in Acadia Park, beginning in May 2016.

What is changing?
One of the outcomes of the Acadia Park residence vehicle registration process that we hope you participated in was determining that 350 of 550 student families in Acadia Park have a personal vehicle, and that many families do not require ongoing residential parking.  This information coupled with the future loss of the 120 parking spots on Acadia Road has prompted a change in how Acadia Park residential parking will be provided and managed in future.  Beginning May 2016, a residence parking assignment will not be included in the Residential Agreement, and Acadia Park families who need residence parking will be required to contract this with UBC Parking.

We understand this transition may seem significant for some families but we are confident we have created a fair and easy transition process.  Using the link provided below, you will find a series of responses to anticipated questions residents will likely have associated with the transition.

Student Housing and Hospitality Services

Parking Changes Details and FAQs

What will residence parking cost?
The residential parking fee for 2016-17 will be $45 per month (plus GST). By comparison, the 2015-16 rate built into the rental rate was $43 per month.

How will this affect my 2016-17 Residential Agreement rent amount?
This year’s rental rate increase (approximately 3%) has been applied to the 2015-16 rent fees, and then the new $45 per month parking rate was subtracted. That amount will be the monthly rent offered on the new 2016-17 Residential Agreements. This will mean that if an Acadia Park resident doesn’t need residential parking, he or she may experience a decrease or only a small increase in their rent rate. When a resident does need parking, he or she will be able to apply for and receive this through UBC Parking.

Does this mean that parking in Acadia Park will now be managed by UBC Parking?
Yes, Student Housing and Hospitality Services has entered into an agreement with UBC Parking where they now manage and administer all aspects of parking in Acadia Park, including administration of applications and issuance of permits, monitoring and enforcement and facility maintenance. Benefits to residents will include being able to log on to UBC Parking’s portal and purchase residential parking for the number of months or weeks or days they need it. And UBC Parking will be able to improve residence parking lot monitoring and response to parking violations for residents.

When will I be able to apply for Acadia Park residential parking?
As it is early in the transition, some details are still being finalized and the online application is not yet available. You will be able to apply for residence parking before May 1, 2016. More information will be emailed to you in later April, with updates about how to apply for residence parking, as well as the parking zones, loading/unloading zones, car share services and visitor parking.

Will I be able to keep the parking spot currently assigned to my unit?
While a specific parking space will not be allocated to a unit, UBC Parking is working with SHHS to create small proximal parking zones throughout Acadia Park. This will enable residents to continue to enjoy parking within reasonable proximity to their home. Vehicles authorized to park in each zone would be monitored by the license plate registered in the resident’s parking account. More information about parking zones will be available by late April, and residents will receive an email about this by that time.

Additionally SHHS and UBC Parking are collaborating to increase the number of short-term loading/unloading zones throughout Acadia Park, to provide improved access to all residents for grocery unloading, pick-ups, drop-offs, etc.

How will this work? When I need residence parking, how can I get it?
Acadia Park residents will be able to log onto UBC Parking’s UBC Parking Website  and apply for residence parking in Acadia Park. They will be able to identify their preferred parking zone(s) at that time.

Will I be able to buy residence parking in monthly installments or pay for the whole year at the time of request?
Residents will be able to pay monthly or for a whole year. Residents can pay for residence parking online or in person at the Access Desk located inside the UBC Bookstore. If paying online residents can use a credit card. If paying at the Access Desk, residents can pay by credit card or debit card.
If paying monthly, a resident has three choices:
– if on UBC payroll, a resident can register for monthly payroll deduction OR
– pay online each month by logging into their parking account and using a credit card OR
– pay in person at the Access Desk (located in the UBC Bookstore) using a credit card or debit card.

Will car share services be increased in Acadia Park?
Yes. UBC Parking and SHHS are collaborating to increase both the number and diversity of car share vehicles available in Acadia Park.

Will there still be complimentary visitor parking in Acadia Park?
There will be 2 hour complimentary visitor parking spots available in Acadia Park. After two hours additional parking time will be available for purchase. When hosting a longer-term visitor who needs parking for several hours or days, a UBC Parking Community Parking pass may be the most economical and convenient online option.

What about second car parking?
UBC Parking will do their best to ensure every Acadia Park family that needs first car parking is assigned to a parking zone proximal to their home. As is current practice, second car parking requests may need to be assigned to a zone located further away but efforts will be made to provide second vehicle parking as proximal as possible.

Should we expect to see a significant increase in residence parking fees next year?
UBC Parking and SHHS have agreed that for the next four years, the Acadia Park residence parking rate will not exceed a 3% increase each year.

Upcoming Community Meetings
We are hosting two Community Meetings at the Commonsblock on Wednesday April 6, at 9:15am and a repeat at 6pm. We’ll be sharing updates about ongoing Acadia Park renovations, waste sorting initiatives, an upcoming refresh to the Commonsblock, 2016 rental rates, as well as available updates about parking. We will be glad to answer questions you may have at that time.

While UBC Parking and SHHS are collaborating to anticipate transitional challenges that may present, we know there will be some bumps along the way. We will endeavour to respond quickly. We appreciate your patience as this transition occurs.