Thunderbird Renovations



Thunderbird Residence has been scheduled for renovation beginning May 2016 continuing through April 2017. These renovations are part of our commitment to provide quality student residences across campus for you and future students.

The renovations will include new plumbing, flooring, painting, some counter replacements and other millwork, and replacing bathroom and kitchen fixtures as needed. Given the scope of work required, units will not be habitable during the renovations.

It is important to give you reasonable notice about this and inform you about available options to enable you to make appropriate future plans.

For all 5000 Block Residents — your residence contract will end April 30, 2016 and because of these renovations we will not be able to offer you a new year-round contract for your current room/unit.

We have tried to anticipate what some of your immediate questions may be and have responded below.



What is the overall renovation schedule?
How do I apply for Priority Relocation?
What if my situation changes after I apply for Priority Relocation?
Will I receive compensation if I accept a Priority Relocation to another unit?

What are my options?

1000 Block — All Units
2000 Block — All Units
3000 Block — All Units
4000 Block — All Units
5000 Block — Studio Residents
5000 Block — Four Bedroom Residents
5000 Block — One Bedroom Residents

5000 Block Resident FAQs

Can I transfer back to Thunderbird Residence once renovations are complete?

Where can I store my furniture?

We are hopeful that having this notice will enable you to make reasonable plans for yourself. We understand this news may initially be disconcerting, and we regret the inconvenience that this situation may create for you personally. We will do our best to assist you through this transition. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with Sarah Dalzell, Thunderbird Residence RLM at or 604.822.0959 if you have additional questions.