Residents living in Iona House, Marine Drive, Thunderbird, Ponderosa Commons (Arbutus, Maple, Oak and Spruce) and Fraser Hall can apply to sublet rooms to other eligible UBC students, typically during the summer months.

Residents living in Acadia Park have different Acadia Park Subletting Guidelines.

Essential Information

Sublessee must:

  • Be a current UBC student (see eligibility details in Subletting FAQs).
  • Submit an application form* 30 days before requested occupancy date.
  • Be the same sex as the resident in shared units (not applicable to studio or one-bedroom units).
  • Meet the age requirement applicable to their residence.

Other important information:

  • Approval is up to the Residence Life Manager.
  • Sublet length should not exceed one third of total Residence Contract length.
  • Short-term periods (less than a month) are not usually approved.
  • Sublets between September and April are considered in mandatory co-op situations or other unique circumstances.
  • Residents assume full responsibility for sublet including cleanliness and behaviour. Behaviour by sublessee that negatively impacts roommates or the community contravenes residence standards and may result in permission to sublet being revoked.
  • Sublessees should submit Maintenance Requests online by logging into the SHHS Online Service Centre, in-person at or by calling the residence front desk.
  • If you do sublet without approval, your tenant is there without our permission, and will not be permitted to access your unit. Unauthorized subletting can also result in the termination of your residence contract.

*We no longer accept paper applications for Summer Sublet requests. Online request forms will be available starting in March, 2017 by logging into the SHHS Online Service Centre.

Subletting Agreement

A sublettor should have a written agreement with their sublessee to outline the details of arrangement. See sample. Things to talk about and include in your agreement:

  • Full names, signatures and contract date. Each party should keep a copy of the contract.
  • The term of the sublease (the beginning and end dates of the sublet).
  • Details of the monetary arrangement (rent amount, when it is due and how the rent is to be submitted).
  • Consider requiring the sublettor to pay a damage deposit— a sum of money to guarantee that the sublettor will not damage the property. The damage deposit is held for the duration of the sublease term. Should damage occur (normal “wear and tear” excluded), the sublessee is entitled to recover the debt from the damage deposit. At the end of the sublease term, the sublettor will receive the deposit back minus any deductions for repairs/restoration. The best way to arrange a damage deposit is to accept a cheque and return it unless it is needed to cover an assessment.
  • All occupants (including sublettors) must abide by residence standard rules. Failure to adhere could jeopardize the sublessor’s ability to live in residence.
  • If you are subletting a shared unit, discuss expectations around roommates  and cleaning/maintenance. The Sublessee is financially responsible for failure to pass unit inspections during the term of after move-out.
Sample Subletting Agreement Copy

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