Parking Fees

Parking spots for residents are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Here’s how it works:

  1. After accepting your residence offer, use the Online Service Centre to apply for a space in a Residence Lot operated by Student Housing and Hospitality Services.
  2. If you secure a space in the Residence Lot you applied for, we’ll email your parking assignment, issue a parking pass when you move in, and add fees to your account monthly. Be sure to review parking policies in your Residence Contract.
  3. If there is no available space in your preferred lot, you’ll be assigned a space in the next closest Residence Lot and be notified by email. See Residence Map.
  4. If the Residence Lot to which you are assigned does not meet your needs, apply for a space operated by UBC Parking.

Residence Lots

Apply using the Online Service Centre (Except for Acadia Park. Acadia Park residents must apply for parking through UBC Parking.)

Lot Details Car Motorcycle
Acadia Park Apply for a space operated by UBC Parking.
Fairview Underground At Fairview Crescent, near Fraser Hall. $53/month $27/month
Thunderbird Underground At Thunderbird, near Totem Park, Rits-UBC, Marine Drive, Ponderosa Commons, St. John’s College. $53/month $24/month
T-Lot Totem Park residents get priority. $43/month $24/month
V-Lot Limited. Place Vanier residents only. $43/month Unavailable
M-Lot Limited. Marine Drive residents only. $43/month Unavailable
Gage Underground At Walter Gage, near Green College. $53/month $27/month
Gage Surface At Walter Gage, near Green College. $43/month $27/month

Lots operated by UBC Parking

There are many options around campus. These are just a few near our residences. Rates and policies for these lots are determined by UBC Parking.

Lots Location Fees
West Parkade Near Marine Drive, Ponderosa Commons, Place Vanier. See UBC Parking
Fraser River
Near Marine Drive, Ponderosa Commons, Place Vanier. See UBC Parking
Surface Lots Many located around campus. See UBC Parking

Residence Lot Terms & Conditions

  • Parking spaces are allocated for one registered vehicle for which the student must be listed as the primary driver.
  • Residents cannot use their allocated parking space for a second vehicle, or for parking friends or visitors.
  • Unregistered vehicles may, without notice, be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Residents attempting to transfer their allocated parking space will have their assignment cancelled and will forfeit their parking fees.